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To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live
— Hans Christian Andersen


Travels, adventures and challenges


Greenland 2016

In the summer of 2016 I went to Greenland for the first time.

In this gallery, I have included some of the best images from that trip, with short captions.

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Sunrise challenge 2016-2017

Challenge: Experience the sun rise for 365 days.

From the 24th of February 2016 to the 24th February 2017, I challenged myself to get up every morning and take a picture of the sunrise.  This was a bit of a task, but I managed it with just 4 missed days. 1 of those because I changed phones, and lost the photo in the transfer - I was up!! 2016 was a year of mamoth travel experiences for me - including a trip to Greenland during the summer and walking the Camino de Santiago in the autumn.

Meeting each day with a little quiet reflection while watching the sun rise was definitely worth the challenge! 

Camino de Santiago

Camino de santiago 2016

Female solo hike. 1350km the length of Spain.

From Malaga to Santiago de Compostela.

Camino Mozarabe. Via Plata. Camino Sanabres.

Starting in 45 degrees Celcius, and finishing in the North just above freezing temperatures.

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