Healthy Body - Healthy Mind


Most people think of physical fitness and a superior biological functioning body when they hear the word "health". But to me it signifies so much more than that. 

"Health" is the goal for all areas of your life, and perhaps most importantly your mind.

Mental health is key to allowing you to be the happy, productive and caring human being that we all want to be. But being burdened with mental stress factors can lead to a myriad of consequences, not just limited to being perceived as "crazy".

There is no doubt, physical exercise and nutritious food are vitally important in even enabling your body, and herein also your brain, to attain optimal function. But we all know, it's so much more than that.

Being truly happy and content with your life is probably hard to achieve simply by running those extreme races or by following a very strict "healthy" eating regime. In fact these extreme measures can very quickly backfire. Being mentally fit is perhaps the most important element of all.

So what goes into mental and spiritual fitness and health? Well, that's unique to each and every one of us, just as our diets and fitness routines are. But some common factors can be found of course. These are usually associated with the following:

- Relationships

- Work / Career

- Spirituality

- Economy /Financial Situation

- Exercise routines

- Adventure!

I could spend many pages discussing all these points, but today I have chosen to focus on "ADVENTURE". I believe strongly in the vital need for all of us to feel that sense of adventure, that we all hopefully know, as often as possible!!  I try to find a way to have as many adventures in my life as possible. Obviously adventures aren't limited to huge expensive trips abroad, in fact I think small daily adventures are perhaps even more necessary.

When experiencing a sense of adventure we free our mind to experience new and sometimes provocative things, that in turn will help us develop and grow as a human. I find that subjecting myself to new and exciting situations make me feel more curious and compassionate about the world and the people around me. It fills me to bursting with energy and happiness!!

Daily adventures are anything from trying a new restaurant, new hiking route or a new and challenging knitting recipe. For some it's as simple as taking a different and unplanned route home from work, and allowing yourself to get a little "lost". You'll learn things about your local area, that you never knew!!

The grand adventures are fun too!! Some people prefer to go on spontaneous trips and others are planners. I am a HUGE planner! In fact I have a fantastic amount of fun planning my big adventures, but then once I go, I like to know that I have planned room for sponteneity. (A psychologist would have a field day with that statement!!).

My next huge adventure (perhaps the biggest I will ever take on), is in the planning stages as we speak!

I have decided to walk the Camino de Santiago at the end of August 2016. But to have a slightly different experience of this famous pilgrimage, I will actually start in Malaga, and walk 1300 km through Spain. The plan so far says that I will spend 62 days doing this. Obviously this is a once in a lifetime opportunity as I don't expect to be able to take that much time off again in the future. But it is a dream and a huge ambition, and I simply have to do it!!

I hope you will follow me on my homepage, facebook and twitter as I prepare for and set off on this epic trip.

I am using this unique experience to raise money for charity as well. I have chosen to set up a donation site through JustGiving, and I will be raising money for Doctors without Borders (MSF), which is an organisation close to my heart.


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