Health Coaching - what is it and why should I try it?

Health Coaching is coaching aimed at helping the client achieve better health.

OK, we get that! But what is coaching? The best and most comprehensive explanation is found here:

With mind the space , my aim is to guide and inspire readers to achieve their health goals, whether it be for weight loss, recovery after illness or a search for living life with contentment and authenticity.

Interestingly, addressing the aforementioned challenges, will also help implement healthy habits, that will help to prevent chronic diseases in the long run!!

What constitutes a healthy lifestyle is often debated, but in my opinion it should center around the individuals impression and idea of a healthy life. Studies show that the best predictor for life expectancy, is the individuals own estimation of health.

But what does health mean to you? And are there areas that you could improve?

To me, health is not just eating vegetables and exercising - although these are key components to achieving long term health. But rather, it is the symbiosis of a persons life in achieving balance in nutrition, physical exercise, spiritual awareness (in whichever shape that may be), career and personal relationships.

If any of these key components are lacking or under constant pressure, I believe that the individual will have a much harder time making healthy choices and creating healthy habits.

In health coaching we work with specific and focused exercises that help you to develop and sustain improved ways of approaching a challenge - and the benefit is a life that is vibrant, fulfilling and HEALTHY!

As a medical doctor, I found myself questioning the impact of my daily work - there is no doubt that modern/conventional/western medicine is vital - lets be clear! I am NOT opposed to medicine!! But my interests always lay in the preventive aspect and to be honest I found it depressing and troubling to see so many patients with chronic diseases, that to a large extent are preventable, on a daily basis. Some estimates state that around 75-80% of health care costs are attributed to the treatment of preventable disease!! 

Now don´t get mad! I AM IN LOVE WITH SCIENCE!! I am not an alternative healer, but rather a doctor with time to listen, learn and empathize with my patients/clients. In most cases, the answers to an individuals health concerns lie within. Treat yourself with respect and care, and don´t expect the "engine" to run better than the fuel you give it :)

Health should be guarded and nourished!  That is my role as a health coach and doctor.

I aim to continue to inform, inspire and debate HEALTH and COACHING along with many other topics in this blog. I hope you'll read some more......


 Just breathe....

Just breathe....