Am I too old to try Location Independence / the Digital Nomad lifestyle?

Wanting to be independent of any given location does not make me a freak, it doesn’t make me flighty or unreliable, and it doesn’t make me incapable of forming deep and meaningful relationships. On the contrary, I am much more present and empathetic when I am thriving too.

I'm in the R&D phase of my life.

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Finding my niche is HARD

Deciding on a niche or focus for a blog is really hard!

What´s so special about you, you say? Well, probably nothing. Actually, definitely nothing. Except the same old BS about us all being special and unique and important.

So I guess I´m just like a lot of other people. Trying to make sense of my life, discover my path and trying to go through this experience, being as kind and as curious on the way as possible. But that's a pretty new philosophy to me. Not the "being kind" part of course, but definitely the "curious approach" part is now a priority. And even more recently the knowledge that I can live and work a Location Independent lifestyle through digital work. Ohh what wondrous times! 

Location Independance being the most important for me personally!

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Healthy Body - Healthy Mind

Today I have chosen to focus on "ADVENTURE". I believe strongly in the vital need for all of us to feel that sense of adventure, that we all hopefully know, as often as possible!!  I try to find a way to have as many adventures in my life as possible. Obviously adventures aren't limited to huge expensive trips abroad, in fact I think small daily adventures are perhaps even more necessary.

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Health Coaching - what is it and why should I try it?

To me, health is not just eating vegetables and exercising - although these are key components to achieving long term health. But rather, it is the symbiosis of a persons life in achieving balance in nutrition, physical exercise, spiritual awareness (in whichever shape that may be), career and personal relationships.

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