mind the space is a creative space, where I finally allow myself to explore my many interests and offer my coaching services through email, phone or Skype consultations.

I am Elisabeth Waagensen, a trained medical doctor and coach. I am a traveller, explorer, adventurer and all round curious 34 year old human, that has completely changed direction and has finally begun to uncover the best version of me.

Deciding on a niche or focus for a blog is really hard!

I have many different interests, and as time goes by, many different titles to my name also. But because my wanderlust and perhaps more accurately my ever growing eleutheromania (intense desire for freedom) just keeps growing, I have decided to settle on a few foci.

Hiking and travelling is one, health and health benefits of walking is another. Coaching for a lost generation, yet another. And recently the rediscovery of my creative side, has led to me to try my hand at art, photography and design.

Please join me on this homepage, as I explore more of the world and my own creativity. Enjoy :)


For the honest and quite revealing story that has led me to where I am today, read this.

I am in the R&D phase of my life
— Elisabeth Waagensen